Sensing Body & Moving Mind

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My work is dedicated to our earthly and divine bodies, our sacred instruments.

Guiding you to the sensing body, so that your mind is free to move, out of the restrictions of the ego, finding the way of the heart and soul.

It is all about sensing – our bodies are intelligent masterpieces made up of flesh, blood, bones, organs, skin, nerves, cells and water. Destined to move, to breathe, to feel, to taste, to hear. An energy system, which holds the knowledge and wisdom of the cosmos within.

Through sensing the wisdom of our bodies, we are able to reconnect to our emotional and mental bodies. Forming the powerful system of the threefold entity of body & mind & soul. Giving us understanding of our own divine source.

Emotions are not always easy to feel, as they can be painful, angry, sad, fearful, intense and deep, overwhelming and confusing. Yet all is there for a purpose and we are here to make experiences. Becoming consicous of what we feel, moving into our feeling without letting it control us.

This is how we become aware. Only what is in our consciousness can we begin to transform, to change to heal and the way is to feel through. To feel the power, strength, beauty and divinity of all that is.


Through my work I support and hold space for you to:

  • Develop a mindful body awareness.
  • Feel more at home in your body and understand its wisdom and truth.
  • Connect to your body sensations and find access to your emotions to make sense of what is present.
  • Finding new ways of understanding and new perspectives through listening to your “bodybrain”.
  • Realign the balance of the divine system of body & mind & soul.
  • Take responsibility for your emotions, feelings and therefore actions.
  • Find peace and healing in the acceptance of all that is.
  • Connect to the truth of your soul and heart to follow your own path.
  • Release stuck energies of blockades, pain and trauma by going into it, feeling through it, without getting stuck in difficult emotions.
  • Feel self empowered, take charge through knowing your needs.
  • Feel transformed, healed, peaceful, recharged and loved.
  • Be able to fully embody your highest potential.


If you find resonance to my approach feel free to check out my different offerings or get in touch with me. I am looking forward to work with you:


All my work takes place at the Monkey Temple, Karl-Kunger-Straße 69, 12435 Berlin.