I am

I am Nora Maria Markt, I was born and raised in Austria, yet my soul feels connected to so many different places. Since I was a child I have been an explorer and a seeker, in nature, travelling the world and travelling my dreams and other realms.


I work with dance and movement in connection with peace-education, curative pedagogical methods, shamanic healing practices and energy work, which is dedicated to the sacred bodies.

I would say, I did not choose my work, but it chose me.

I started my occupational journey by studying theatre-, film and media studies. Drawn to art and culture I worked in cultural management for some years, until my seeking and questioning of who I am and what I was supposed to do, went on to study peace studies and conflict resolution. Interested in the dynamics of conflict and what conflict and violence does to our psychological and emotional states as well as our bodies, I started to work with dance and movement in connection with peace education. A research that took me to Palestine, where I worked for a couple of years. A journey that changed my life and how I understand myself and the world immensely.

Being confronted with my own conflicts, inner and outer, brought me even deeper into the connection of how our thoughts and actions influence our body and vice versa. Having danced and moved all my life the approach through dance was the natural consequence.

A journey began that started to lead me back to my spiritual indigenous roots. To understand the complex and wise cosmos of our bodies, the connection of soul & mind, spirit & body, how we are connected to nature and to all that exists.

My path brought more and more people into my life that work with energy systems, prana healing, shamanic methods and plant medicine, dance therapy, breath work and voice. I dove into my own deep healing process, learning from different teachers and learning from myself and my own experiences. My life changed in ways I couldn’t imagine, I changed my life by committing to truthfully look at my conflicts, my inner darkness, thought and behaviour patterns that weren’t according to my soul plan, committed to heal my own wounds and the wounds I caused to people. To follow the path of my heart and soul.

Until I was called to share my gifts and knowledge with people to support and assist them in their own healing processes and journeys, all the whilst I continue my own journey of growth and development.

I feel immense gratitude and humility for all the experiences that life has granted me with and to be able to live and work with what fulfils my soul, my heart, my spirit. To be of service to people, nature and the divine source.


Academic and further education:

  • In Training for Dance- and Movement Therapist, Tanztherapie Zentrum Berlin, Imke Fiedler, Berlin Germany
  • Certified DanceAbilityTM Int. Teacher, Alito Alessi
  • Basic Training in Mediation and Conflict Competencies, Ausbildungsinstitut für Mediaiton und Konfliktkompetenz, Markus Siebert, Vienna Austria
  • MAS (Master of Advanced Studies) in Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution, University of Basel, Switzerland
  • Mag. Phil. (Master of Philosophy) in Theatre-, Film- and Media Studies, University of Vienna, Austria

Education on Self:

  • Seminar with Nikolay Oorzhak, Un Hun, the sound of the sun
  • Healing ceremonies with Maestro Pervis and Maestro Don Maximo, Amazon, Peru
  • Dance and Movement Therapy – Kerstin Schröder
  • Shamanic Visionquest – Gaby Dutzler
  • Psychosomatic Thearpy – Milan Karmeli
  • Group Supervision and Selfexperience – Dr. Andrea Jungbauer Komarek