Moving WomenCircle

Why a Circle?

The circle constitutes unity, the whole and all potential. It is a beginning without an end. It is an everlasting, growing and expanding potential.

From within the sacred centre of creation leading to the Self, it starts with the emptiness of the emptying, with the inconceivable, magnificent mystery of the universe.

By coming together in a circle we honour the potential of our emptiness, the blackness of the mother goddess that is filled with creation and abundance. So we can scoop all that we need from within.

Why moving?

Our ancestors knew about the healing and transformative qualities of dance and movement.  The instinct to dance derives from the ancient sensibility of the human being that lived in harmony with its surroundings and nature.

By coming together in dance and movement we want to build and strengthen:

  • Our body awareness
  • Our individual and natural movement
  • Our physical and emotional well being
  • Establishing movement as a form of meditation to heal and transform
  • Diving into our inner processes through movement and dance
  • Valuing ourselves, our needs and boundaries
  • Building connection to ourselves and our community
  • Expressing our creativity and potential
  • Living our personal expression
  • Releasing of what no longer serves us
  • Finding joy, peace and love within and for our selves and our bodies moving
  • Becoming more calm, confident and energized through listening to our bodies intuitive guidance

Why only women?

We come together as women to support each other in finding our path in a supportive community of wise women.

To honour and respect our female bodies and female qualities, the wisdom and value of different phases and stages in life, body shapes, movement qualities, health and abilities. To build on supportive, kind, compassionate and loving relationships in the circle of our sisterhood, honouring the female way.


What can we gain from the weekly dancing circle?

We will build a sustainable community in which we can speak, move and express our truth and needs, whilst we respect each other and the reality that we all have our own truth, our own ways to see, understand and live.

  • We will build on relationships that are based on authenticity, respect, kindness, compassion, support and love, without shaming or blaming one another, but helping each to grow in our own unique way.
  • We will be present for ourselves and each other, honouring that each woman has her own choices, different processes and journeys to go through, to which we will be witnesses.
  • We will practice open, authentic, honest and non-violent relating and moving.
  • We will practice deep listening of our authentic movement and our sacred bodies.
  • We will practice acceptance of all that is and all that shows up for us.
  • We will journey together to discover new ways, which serve us to be the women that we are and to fully embody our highest potential.

Each circle will be different, as we open our selves to an experimental, explorative and dynamic process that will have different qualities, rhythms, tones and themes. Practicing surrender and trust that this process will give each what is needed.

In the circles I offer tools of improvisational, intuitive movement, authentic movement, (moving and still) meditation, breathwork, bodywork, shamanic energywork, creative outlets of writing and painting, and non-violent communication.

I welcome all wonderful beings who identify as women.



Space: Monkey Temple, Karl-Kunger-Straße 69, 12435 Berlin


In order to build a trustful and sustainable circle, regular participation is highly recommended. But feel free to join as often as you want.

I am grateful if you notify me beforehand about your presence at a circle, for organisational reasons. Also if you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with me.