Individual Sessions

Shamanic Energy & Body Work

How can my work benefit you?

The focus of my work is the sensing-body, -human and -being that we are.

I give you a safe space for awake sensing and feeling, of what is present in your being and body. May it be joy, love or happiness, but also suffering, pain, sadness, anger or confusion. Everything may be, everything is within us.

To sense means to accept. And through acceptance comes healing.

I give support for you to look at your themes, that have long been on your heart and in your body, that you want to change or free yourself from. To transfuse thought- and behavioural-patterns. To feel through and release difficult situations, trauma and emotions, past and present.

To accept yourself as you are and to strengthen you, so that you can see and live your full potential. Important for me here is self-responsibility, which we have to take also in our healing processes. Only we can heal ourselves, no other can do that for us. Self-responsibility lets us acknowledge our power and force, lets us love ourselves, value ourselves and know our needs. So we open our hearts to follow the visions of our soul and leave the control of our egos.

In order to build a healthy, peaceful and joyful connection of body & mind & soul, with our emotional, mental, physical and ethereally bodies in balance.


How do I work?

I work with bodies, not just your physical body, but also emotional, mental and ethereally bodies.

My work is transformatory. Everything is energy. Blockades, pain, trauma, strain, all is energy. So I work with frequencies and vibration, through my body and voice, as well as on your bodies. As needed I work with physical touch or without, movement of the body, language and sound.

No session is ever the same, it always depends on the individual and what shows up.

You may open yourself to sensing and feeling of that which is present and of importance for you in that moment. Themes, that will open up to you and want to be looked at. You may sense the transformation, surrender yourself to it, welcome it in joy, trust and love that everything that happens, happens to your highest good.

For my work it is not necessary to rationally understand what is happening but first to get into a sensing state of mind of what is happening. What is important for you to understand will reveal itself to you. If it is necessary to give you some clarification of what is happening, I will receive that information and speak it for you.

My work is deep and intense, but only as far as you are willing and ready to go. My highest principle is to respect and uphold your boundaries. You decide how deep and far you are ready to go into the journey.

How does a session look like and how long does it last?

We start with a short conversation in which you tell me why you are here and what topics are present for you, or to clear open question that you have concerning my work.

Then we start while you lie down. I attune myself into your themes in form of energy and frequencies. Hereby my body is a medium for the frequencies and vibrations that work from the divine source. In everything I do I am guided by my inner guidance. Supported through the divine ascended masters, the elements and entities.

When I am finished I will call you back into the here and now and give you some time to rest and trace of what you experienced. At the end we speak about the experienced and attained.

Since transformational processes are individual, I do not give a fixed time. To be sure you don’t rush to your next appointment please take two hours.


If you feel that my appraoch is something for you please get in contact with me for an appointment:


The sessions take place in the wonderful space of the Monkey Temple, Karl-Kunger-Straße 69, 12435 Berlin.