Monthly HealingMeditation

This is an open to all healing meditation evening, held once per month.

With this meditation evening I wish to bring us together in commUnity, to multiply our potential for healing and transformation. To ignite each individual’s healing process as well as our collective themes ready for transformation.

To build and strengthen the balance of body & mind & soul. To open our hearts to authentic, honest, self-empowered, kind and compassionate relating with ourselves and our commUnity. For us to find more into our sensing bodies to see into our truth and life our full and highest potential.

The meditation sequence:

We begin together in silent meditation, into which I will guide you.

Then I will open my bodyspace and voice to the divine frequencies and energies. Thereby the divine energies call to each individuals healing process as well as to the collective healing processes of our commUnity.

We close together with another silent meditation for sensing the experienced and integration. I will guide you back into the here and now.

After the meditation we will have space to share what we experienced.


Please confirm your presence per evening with me for organisational purpose or get in touch with me about open questions: