Men’s HealingCircle

I feel very honored and humbled to have heard the calling for this healing circle. It is not without intention to lead a healing circle for men as a woman.

This is the time of the feminine. While for some men that might spark some unease or even panic. This is not the time for the feminine to rise and rule in the cycle of suppression. It is time to heal the relationship between feminine and masculine, to come together as equals and to live our full potential.

We are all both feminine and masculine, we all carry both qualities inside us. And it is time to heal ourselves, our feminine and our masculine qualities and energies. So that our relationships may be healed and we can come together in unity. To end duality, to end the separation and heal the trauma it has caused, to build kind, compassionate, peaceful, authentic and equal relationships with humans of all genders. So that we can all live and express ourselves in our full potential.

It is not about condemning one or the other, but to live both in our own way and truth.

It is about the new way, a new way of leadership of the feminine quality, a leadership of the heart and a leadership of compassion. It is the leadership of creation and not one that is driven or controlled by ego-power. The feminine leadership quality brings change through the presence of love.

Embedded in the primal femininity (Urweiblichkeit) manifests the healed masculinity. It is about empowerment and about the balance of force, energy and power.

If we accept all that is and acknowledge that all is within us, we gain access to our essence and can find balance of mind & body & soul. In that balance we find strength, self-empowerment and creativity.

Therefore I feel called to invite all men and those who identify themselves as men. Those who feel called to come together in a circle, to let me hold sacred space as a woman for you to transform and heal, to stand with open hearts for reconciliation and healing.

What will happen in these circles:

We will hold eight evenings, each evening dedicated to a different theme. I dedicate those themes to the eight metabolic powers to the center of the divine, which are:

  • Truth
  • Love
  • Compassion
  • Forgiveness
  • Devotion
  • Courage
  • Avowal
  • Belief

We will start each evening with meditation on the themes, to open our heart to each specific topic, to find what is there in blockades, pain and trauma that is ready to be accepted, transformed and healed.

I will then perform a healing ceremony, which will address each individual’s and the collective processes.

After the ceremony we will have an open space for reflection and sharing and what we experienced, what lies on our hearts and is ready to be spoken.

Requierment for participation: the will and openess to look deep inside of yourself, taking self-responsibility and the commitment to practice non-violent relating and communication for yourself and others.


Dates: Fridays:

  • 10. November 2017 – Love
  • 24. November 2017 – Truth
  • 1. December 2017 – Avowal
  • 15. December 2017 – Courage
  • 12. January 2018 – Belief
  • 26. January 2018 – Devotion
  • 9. February 2018 – Forgivness
  • 23. February 2018 – Compassion


Please confirm your presence for each session, so I can plan and prepare accordingly. I recommend participation in all eight evenings, but you are free to choose specific themes.

Also if you have any question, please feel free to get in touch with me: